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[LCKY] Ivy Rare @  epiphany [ Cubic Cherry ]{Ripple} eyes  MIX-conflict @ WLRP + Kintsukuroi Tattoo + { aii } + Demi God Horns Bl...

[LCKY] Ivy Rare @ epiphany
[Cubic Cherry]{Ripple} eyes  MIX-conflict @ WLRP
+ Kintsukuroi Tattoo + {aii}
+ Demi God Horns Black + {aii}
**CC** - Eternal Flaming Aura
**CC** - Eternal Flaming Palms (RARE)
**CC** - Ruby Foot FX (l.foot) (add to wear)
**CC** - Ruby Halo (add to wear)
**CC** - Ruby Summer Solstice Aura (add to wear)

Addams // Abbe Angel Chain Shoulder // Slink HG @ epiphany
Addams // Panties // Slink HG - BLACK @ epiphany
Addams // Sury Evil Body // Slink HG @ epiphany
Addams // Sury Evil Bracelet // Slink HG @ epiphany
Addams // Sury Evil Necklace // Slink HG @ epiphany
[CX] Aurora L (Turquoise+ Gold )
[CX] Aurora Nosechain (Gold)
[CX] Aurora R (Turquoise+ Gold)
[CX] Heretic Nail Slink High Left (Untainted)
[CX] Heretic Nail Slink High Right (Untainted)
[CX] Yule Lord Tongue Black (Static Open Mouth)
[CX]Kaiken Anklets (Slink High) (Gold)

E.V.E Apple Flower

FOXCITY. Surface-1

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